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Safe LocksmithNixto Lock & Key is a name people of Sacramento know for best safe locksmith services. We have been providing our solutions fort the safe needs of people of Sacramento since last 18 years. Nixto Lock & Key safes are known fort heir durability and toughness not only in Sacramento but also to the people of neighbour cities. We have always believed in providing the best quality products to our customers and have always stayed true to that belief. Apart from providing the best safes in town, we also provide our emergency safe locksmith services for locked out safes, safe installation, safe restoration, generating new combination locks for safe and so on!

We started as a small start up owned by a family with a vision for providing exceptional solutions for all types of safe locksmith emergencies. Even after 18 years of services in the same field, we still have not let the vision get blurred for a single second. Even after 18 successful years in safe locksmith services, we hold the same enthusiasm for solving a safe problem to the enthusiasm we had when we first time solved our customer’s safe problem. Our safe emergency locksmith services are available 24/7 day and night, whether it’s a weekend or festivities, we are there to help you out in your locksmith emergency.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Safe!

Selecting a suitable safe for your home or office is a painful task. You not only would have decide upon the purpose behind buying the safe, but also find out other details such as where do you plan to install the safe? What purpose you are buying the safe for, where do you plan to keep the safe, whether you want a wall safe, a gun safe, fire safe, office safe, under floor safe or vehicle safe? And even after answering all these questions you would be left with a few more questions of your own. Instead of losing your interest in buying a safe after all this brain storming, give us a call on 916-587-5329 and our experts will help you out with their expertise for buying the best suitable safe for your particular requirement. Our safes are made of finest quality steel making them impossible to tamper with.

Is your safe giving you hard time in opening up? Or did you just lose the combination for your safe? Situations can vary irrespective of you being constant in between the varying situations. Next time when you find yourself stuck in such kind of safe emergency, try giving us a call on 916-587-5329 and we promise to reach you out within next 30 minutes of receiving your call.

We understand the importance of your safety and for the same reason, we make sure we only hire those employees who come our lean in back grund check. All our employees are certified professionals who have been in the same field of service for more than 4 years. Give us a call now on 916-587-5329 for all your safe emergencies!

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